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Old 04-11-2012, 11:55 PM
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Default IP Based Virtual Host


I have a site that is statically NAT to an internal ip I just had another external IP NAT to internal IP

Both are different domains by extension.. One is .com and the other is .org but i want to host entirely different sites...

However when i goto the new .org it's still pulling from the .com. The file and data is still being pulled from the resin container.

I do believe i need to add a IP Based virtual host so each domain can be pointed to the proper public_html.

Would i just change the resin.conf file to include...

<cluster id="web-tier">
<server id="a">

<http address="" port="80"

<http address="" port="80"



<host id="">

I think that makes sense, but wanted to ask another opinion.

Thanks for your help.


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