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Old 02-14-2013, 12:08 AM
sn4p sn4p is offline
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Default Resin with IIS and HTTP 503 errors

I'm running Resin 4.0.19 open source on my windows 2008 R2 server with IIS 7. I keep getting 503 service unavailable randomly (sometimes after an hour and sometimes after a a day or two) and the response gets very slow and I have to restart Resin to resolve the issue.

I have high traffic on the site (about 10,000 simultaneous users) but the CPU is low like 10-20%. What could be causing this error?

I've tried increasing the max threads and keepalive time to no avail. Is there another setting that could be tweaked? Could a professional version of Resin resolve the issue? Would you recommend running Resin as a standalone Web server instead of integrating it with IIS (might that be causing the issue)?
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Old 03-18-2013, 08:25 PM
alex alex is offline
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If the IIS isn't needed in your setup I would definitely recommend using just Resin.

Do you use isapi_srun.dll or Resin.IIS.Handler.dll with IIS?

Feel free to add a bug at:
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Old 03-26-2013, 04:33 PM
sn4p sn4p is offline
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I use the isapi dll. I found it to be way faster than the other.

Ok I will try to use Resin as a stand alone web server to see if that fix the problem. The problem I have now is that I can't seem to get the client side cache to work (expires header). I added this to my resin.xml: <cache-mapping url-pattern='/img/*' expires='10m'/> but it doesn't add any expires header. Do I need a valid license for this to work?
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