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Old 12-02-2013, 05:15 PM
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Default Questions regarding a move to "hot deploys"/"graceful deploys"/"graceful upgrades"


We're using resin 4.0.17 open source. Currently, we have two web apps we have set up with resin. In each definition in the resin configuration, we specify id, root-directory, archive-path, redeploy-check-interval, and dependency-check-interval. Our deploy process creates a new dated folder, dumps the specifically named war files there, and then symlinks root directory to the latest release and restarts resin. This means roughly 5 minutes of downtime.

We'd like to get into zero-downtime deploys. As I understand it, in order to do graceful deployments, we'll need to add 'versioning="True"' to each of the two web app definitions, and then change our deploy process to dump new war files into the same directory as the current deployment, but with version/date numbers appended to their names. But this raises the question of how to specify our custom 'archive-path' properties, which currently point to specific war files, when the war files are dynamically named (versioned).

Can anyone provide some insight on this matter?

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