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Old 01-20-2014, 06:52 PM
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Angry resin 4.0.38 websocket control frame support???

I'm testing out a web application using resin 4.0.38 and it's support for web sockets. Everything works like a charm, except for when the browser decides to kill the web socket due to lack of response to the ping requests (Chrome).

I see the WebSocketContext has a pong method to send the 0xa control frame along with the payload (supposed to match the ping payload if any), but I do not see how we can even catch ping events and respond appropriately!

I have searched the forums and looked online and didn't see anything regarding how to deal with this situation. This seems like a pretty major flaw--unless I'm just making an incredibly stupid mistake when trying to understand how resin deals with web sockets.
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ping, pong, websocket

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