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Old 08-23-2011, 07:41 AM
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Default str_getcsv not implemented?

I'm developing a small app in PHP on Google App Engine using Quercus and I can't seem to solve this puzzle:
  • I have a remote csv-file which I can download & store in a string
  • To parse that string I'd ideally use str_getcsv, but Quercus doesn't seem to have that function?
  • Quercus does seem to know fgetcsv, but that function expects a file handle which I don't have (and I can't make a new one as GAE doesn't allow files to be created)

Based on my own experiments (and aided by the great stackoverflow community) it looks as though there is no solution but to parse the CSV by hand (which I'd like to avoid).

My questions:
  • Is there an alternative approach which would allow me to use built-in csv parsing (fgetcsv) in Quercus on GAE?
  • Is support for str_getcsv (introduced with php 5.3) planned?

thanks for any feedback!
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