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Old 08-13-2009, 03:40 PM
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Default xmlns:resin change in Resin 4.0.x

Based on a support email, there's a bit of confusion about the resin namespace in Resin 4.0.x with the <resin:StatService/> type of services.

With Resin 4.0, the services are configured with CanDI (JSR-299), not specialized tags in the Resin XML schema. With CanDI, the service classes use the XML namespace to find the Java package of the service, and the XML tag name for the service class.

So, the xmlns:resin needs to change to xmlns:resin="urn:java:com.caucho.resin".

For example, <resin:StatService/> is com.caucho.admin.StatService (there's an alias file in com.caucho.resin which includes com.caucho.admin in a search path.)

The sample resin.xml in the Resin 4.0 distribution already include this change, but people converting resin.conf from Resin 3.1.x or earlier might be tripped up by the new namespace.
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