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Old 10-17-2012, 12:12 PM
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Unhappy Shared sessions in cluster

Hi there,

I'm using resin 4.0.23 and I'm having trouble getting shared sessions in a cluster to behave as I want.

The symptoms are:
  1. Two servers form the cluster and share sessions between each other.
  2. The application works well when I kill the server where the requests for a given session id are being handled. The other server picks up correctly and no data is lost. The change is transparent to the client.
  3. The problem comes when I restart the broken node as the user gets a connection error. The reason why this happens is that the node takes some time in loading the webapp's spring context and thus the application is unable to respond. The client then gets a connection error. If I wait long enough (about 2 minutes), for the application to be completely up, the session is correctly retrieved from the server that was up and the application starts behaving correctly again. Unfortunately the fact that during those 2 minutes the application is completely unresponsive is not acceptable in terms of quality of service.

What I would like to achieve is that the requests are all sent to the server that's up until the other one has COMPLETELY finished it's loading process.

Two solutions come to my mind:
  1. I can disable sticky sessions so that there is no real master for the stored jsessionid. What I hope to achieve is avoiding the LoadBalancer to send the requests into the starting server until it has finished loading everything. Here, I would have liked to use the <session-sticky-disable> tag, but apparently there is a problem in the xml reference ( because if I put it under the <cluster> resin crashes with a syntax error at startup. Also, I wonder if it's the right solution as I'm unable to find an example of the usage of this tag on the net.
  2. Introducing somewhere (I wouldn't know which parameter I should use?) a latency for the starting server to "announce" himself as available. I kind of "sleep for 5 minutes until the context has been loaded". It would be even better if the resin instance was able to until the context was up to announce himself as available to the cluster. I have looked at the load-balancing-socked-timeout and load-balancing-socked-recover parameters but I'm not sure this is the good way to go.

My configuration for the cluster part is the following:
HTML Code:
<server id="node2" address="" port="6806">
<server id="node1" address="" port="6805">

<persistent-store type="cluster">
    <init path="cluster"/>

  <session-config use-persistent-store="true">

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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cluster, clustering, resin, shared sessions, sticky sessions

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