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Old 11-28-2012, 12:38 PM
jornvl90 jornvl90 is offline
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Default Catching response with java filters


What I want to do is having some java filters ( where the request for a php-page comes in. The request passes every filter in the chain, they do some things on the request and the last filter sends the request further to the quercus php servlet. This is going well. The web.xml file is written which does a mapping to the filters for the urls "/*" and the quercus mapping is done for the urls "*.php".

Now when a request is made for a JSP file the filters are invoked one after another. When the request finally comes in the java servlet, the servlet creates the response page. The response traverses the filters in reverse order. The last filter sends it to the client.

This is what I want that happens for PHP pages: the request for a php page comes in. The web.xml directs him to a chain of java filters with finally the quercus php servlet. This servlet handles the php request and generates a response from the requested php-file. Uptil this, everything works fine. But the quercus servlet sets the response directly on the cable. So it flushes the response himself to the client by calling the reponse.getWriter etc..(?).
The java program then traverses the filterchain in reverse order, and this is indeed what I want but I cannot change the response anymore, because the quercus servlet already sent it out.

So basically I want that the quercus servlet does not send the response himself, but sets it in a java ServletResponse so I can change this response in the filters when they are processed in the reverse order. Can I do this, do I need to change the source code of quercus..?
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Old 11-28-2012, 09:13 PM
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Hi jornvl90,

It looks like we're closing the ServletOutputStream by mistake, thereby committing the response. On Resin, this has no effect because Resin's implementation of ServletOutputStream.close() does nothing. However, other implementations like Tomcat's may behave differently.

This is a bug and I just committed a fix for it ( You can try out the fix by checking out Resin sources and compiling everything:

Checkout instructions
1. svn checkout svn:// resin
2. cd resin
3. ant

Jars will be resin/lib/resin-kernel.jar and resin/lib/quercus.jar.
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