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Old 09-28-2009, 07:39 AM
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Default Strange chinese support about Quercus4.0.1

I'm trying to run php on tomcat use Quercus4.0.1.

when I tried to read some chinese content from mysql,my browser show some trash.
both my php page and mysql database were set to utf-8.

besides,when I use Quercus3.1.6 on tomcat ,I found another problem:
when I tried to connect mysql database,I fonud I can only connect myself's database.
$con = mysql_connect("lcoalhost","root","123456&quot will success.
$con = mysql_connect("","root","123&quot can't success.
the 's uername and password are correct.
anyone can help me?
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chinese, mysql, quercus, tomcat

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