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Lightbulb Installation of SSL123 certificate on resin pro 4.0.13 server

I have obtained a SSL certificate from Thawte, which is installed on our web server, resin pro 4.0.13, running on Windows 64-bit OS. The certificate & related files are placed in the directory "D:\resin-pro-4.0.13\keys". The resin.xml file inside the "conf" directory is updated as:

<http address="*" port="80"/>
<http address="*" port="443"/>

The log file displays the following indicating that resin is listening on port 443:
[...] {main} http listening to *:80
[...] {main} http listening to *:443

Now, the following code is included inside the <http> tag:

<http address="*" port="80"/>
<http address="*" port="443">

When the resin server is restarted, I get the following error message from the log file:

[...] {main} http listening to *:80
[...] {main} java.lang.IllegalStateException: Found library 'resinssl' as 'D:\resin-pro-4.0.13\win64\resinssl.dll', but the load failed. The JVM exception was: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: D:\resin-pro-4.0.13\win64\resinssl.dll: Can't find dependent libraries

After this, we downloaded the resin dll files "libeay32.dll" and "ssleay32.dll" from url: and placed them in the directory "D:\resin-pro-4.0.13\win64". When we restarted resin-pro-4.0.13, we got the following error message from the log file:

[...] {main} http listening to *:80
[...] {main} com.caucho.config.ConfigException: OpenSSL can't open key file 'D:\resin-pro-4.0.13\keys\ThawteSSL123_Certificate.crt' or the password does not match.
at com.caucho.vfs.OpenSSLFactory.nativeInit(Native Method)
at com.caucho.vfs.OpenSSLFactory.initSSL(OpenSSLFacto
at com.caucho.vfs.OpenSSLFactory.create(OpenSSLFactor
at t(
at com.caucho.env.service.ResinSystem.startServices(R
at com.caucho.env.service.ResinSystem.start(ResinSyst
at com.caucho.server.resin.Resin.start( )
at com.caucho.server.resin.Resin.initMain( 1011)
at com.caucho.server.resin.Resin.main( )
OpenSSL can't open key file 'D:\resin-pro-4.0.13\keys\ThawteSSL123_Certificate.crt' or the password does not match.
OpenSSL support compiled for OpenSSL 0.9.8k 25 Mar 2009
Resin Professional 4.0.13 (built Tue, 09 Nov 2010 03:50:16 PST)
Copyright(c) 1998-2010 Caucho Technology. All rights reserved.

Also, this blocks the websites display functionality on the user browser. Is there a solution for fixing this issue and make the certificate easily viewable on the user browser?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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certificate, openssl, ssl

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