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Default adding a java object/attribute outside of servlet


We are using php for dynamic scripts, but we are doing so within out own REST framework, not using tomcat or resin. It is working great, but we need to be able to pass java objects to the php scripts, I know how to do this in the conext of a a servlet by passing an attribute, but I do no know how to do this outside of such a context. Here is some jaava code:

String myObject = "myObject";
phpFile = PekoeServer.workingDirectory + "/php/" + phpFile;
System.out.println("phpFile = " + phpFile);

>>> the above code works fine for executing the desired php script, but we want to pass he object myObject to the quercus engine. How do I do this? I looked for a setAttributte type method, but failed to find what I was looking for. Any ideas. Thanks.
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