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Default Resin, JPA and Hibernate 3.5

Hello - many thanks for making an awesome webapp server.

We are currently in the process of creating a new webapp that depends
on Spring 3 and Hibernate 3.5. We have been using using Resin 3.1.9,
but we have a conflict between JPA version.

We are doing the hibernate bindings using JPA, which, in hibernate
3.5, implies the following dependency:


This creates a conflict with ${RESIN_HOME}/lib/jpa-15.jar. I hacked
it by replacing the jpa-15.jar with hibernate-jpa-2.0-api.jar.

This seems to work with out development tests, but it could have
latent side-effects in code paths we're not covering.

Based on the usage of jpa-15.jar in Resin 3.1.9 is this going jam me
up later on?

If it is, then how about upgrading to 4.0.22. I noticed that in Resin
4.0.22 ${RESIN_HOME}/lib/javaee-16.jar contains the JPA classes - are
these based on JPA-1.0 or JPA-2.0?

Thanks for your time.


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