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tobia 09-24-2013 02:43 PM

json_decode and json_encode with unicode semantics
In my other thread I asked for help in passing UTF-8 data to/from PDO without enabling unicode semantics.

If I do enable unicode semantics, the DB interface works flawlessly, but other things break.

One of them is json_decode(), which produces horribly double-encoded UTF-8 data. I have yet to test json_encode(), but I expect a similar failure.

Is there a way to make these things work with unicode semantics turned on? Or is the entire unicode semantics setting discouraged?

nam 01-04-2014 08:40 AM


What version of Quercus are you on? For the upcoming 4.0.39, I changed how Quercus handles unicode to binary string comparisons so that less things "break" when you turn on unicode.semantics.

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