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Djaenzee 07-08-2012 03:04 PM

Deserializing Proxy-Classes
Hi everyone,

I'm running hessian 4.0.7 on a jetty server in Java. The services that are sent across by hessian all extend the HessianServlet.

In one case a method returns an interface "Service" whose classes by definition do not necessarily implement Serializable. That's why I build a proxy via the lang.reflect.Proxy class, using another HessianServlet/-Proxy as invocationhandler. If I try to send this proxy via network, hessian will give me an Exception that the deserializer can not handle this. I understand that it is a problem if the send data appears to be of a class that is not serializable, but is there any possibility to find a workaround?

I solved the problem by building the proxy on the client side, but this makes it difficult to maintain compatibility with the framework/api I'm working with.

Fun fact: The whole thing works locally without problems, as it seems that the proxy never goes through the in-/output of hessian. Is this something special to hessian or Java?

Greetings, Jan

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