View Full Version : Maybe caching issue with resin pro?

04-13-2010, 01:10 PM
Hi folks,

we are using licensed resin pro for quite a while and have few issues to almost none... but we ran into one puzzler, we can't find solution. While we are able to influence caching max-age in jsp, php or servlets, we have no clue how to influence resin caching of static html pages it serves when used as webserver.

We use resin for spreading some dynamic apps and some static html pages to the world. Resin replaced the apache as server for the .html content since some years. In some cases it can happen that a new static index page was tried to be called by calling the folder, before we techs had the chance to deploy the index.html document to the server, so user gets expected 404 - so far, so good.

But even if the server has the index document deployed to the folder where it shall be called, we get still the 404er from resin (cache?) ignoring all changes in the folder on the webserver, except when we call the index document directly by name. Only workaround is resin restart until now. As we are forced to run servers 24/7 this isn't the solution we would like. How can we get resin pro to accept change in empty directory to serve the now existing index.html content and not the 404 error page for the next days without need to restart resin?

Also when a static document changes, we are forced to see old content for a very long time... so where can we influence this behaviour? Any clue is highly appreciated...

(We run resin-pro-3.1.9 in an linux environment)


04-15-2010, 12:42 AM
Hi m.w.,

You can flush the cache in Resin via JMX using the ProxyCache MBean. Just use jconsole and call the clearCache() or clearCacheByPattern() operations.


09-07-2010, 09:46 AM
yes the things were fine after clearing cache!