View Full Version : Hessian Through IIS

11-22-2011, 02:17 PM
Hello All,

I have an application running under Resin and am using Hessian to communicate to my servlet to perform various tasks.

So, if I use the URL http://localhost:8080/path/hessianService, this works fine.

However, I have a configuration where my application and servlet sit on a machine with Resin that is served by IIS. My application on this machine works fine. IIS correctly forwards requests to Resin and webpages are served to users correctly.

Now, what if I try to invoke this servlet through hessian from one computer with hessian through IIS?


This fails with the exception java.io.IOException: Error writing to server.

I am using Resin Pro 3.0.27.

Why am I getting this error? Will this work? Ideas?