View Full Version : eZ Publish on quercus

10-18-2011, 10:55 AM
I gave a short spin at running eZ Publish on quercus, without much success.

eZP community edition 2011.9
quercus 4.0.18
resin 4.0.23
os: windows 7 64bit
jre: oracle jdk 64bit 1.6.27

Result: the setup wizard builtin into eZP starts, but the page is really weird. No "next" button to click on.
This means that there are problems running the eZP template compiler (either the code transformin .tpl to .php files or the code of the generated .php files).
I have gone to the eZP error log, and there are some errors there.
I have looked for the php error log, but I found none.
Maybe this is due to me not doing due diligence: I just set up quercus in a very quick way, without bothering to set up a php.ini file, I just
- dropped a phpinfo.php file in webapps\ROOT\, tested that it works
- dropped the whole eZP install in webapps\ROOT\ezp

The questions I have are thus:
- how to enable more debug info from quercus?
- shall I dabble more with java config files? I am completely green on that
- is there any known unsupported php functionality that should prevent the eZP setup wizard to work?