View Full Version : Problem regarding using 'Hessian Binary Web Service Protocol'

09-23-2011, 02:20 PM

I have try to use 'Hessian Binary Web Service Protocol', but indulge with some problem while using it.As I had tried example on following link: http://www.spray.no/resin-doc/examples/hessian-add/index.xtp but didn't get desired result.I have placed my files at following path as:

root path: webapps\resin-doc\protocols\tutorial\hessian-add\

1.) .jsp file path: webapps\resin-doc\protocols\tutorial\hessian-add\demo.jsp

2.) HessianMathService.java: webapps\resin-doc\protocols\tutorial\hessian-add\WEB-INF\classes\example\HessianMathService.java

3.) MathService.java: webapps\resin-doc\protocols\tutorial\hessian-add\WEB-INF\classes\example\MathService.java

4.) web.xml: webapps\resin-doc\protocols\tutorial\hessian-add\WEB-INF

5.) hessian jar files: webapps\resin-doc\protocols\tutorial\hessian-add\hessian\math\com\caucho\hessian\client

web.xml content is same as given on link i.e. http://www.spray.no/resin-doc/examples/hessian-add/index.xtp

Error are coming on browser is shown in attached file.

Please give me the solution for using hessian and path of files as where to kept hessian.jar files.
Thanks in advance.