View Full Version : Quercus + Grails: License issue (GPL vs LGPL)

09-11-2011, 12:17 PM

I'm considering to release a Grails Quercus plugin under Apache License. The problem here is that Quercus is using a GNU GPL instead of a GNU LGPL. Is this really necessary? Can't Quercus (+Resin) been released under GNU LGPL?

AFAIK, if my Grails plugin uses Quercus as a dynamically or statically linked library, the plugin should be released using GNU GPL. If my plugin is released under GNU GPL, then any application (commercial or not) using my plugin will be forced to be released as an app under GNU GPL.


I don't want to modify Quercus. I just want to use it (without any modification) as a library.

Thanks in advance.

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