View Full Version : Question about the tools, or Please help me, I'm lost

Alex Andrienko
08-15-2011, 08:22 AM
I recently started to evaluate Resin with Quercus for running our PHP applications, and I must say, that the idea is great, performance is good, and the prospects of new opportunities are marvelous.
But at the moment I feel somewhat lost: I'm trying to trace the roots of some compatibility issues I've got, but I can't find any tools needed.(
E.g. I've got a bunch of unit tests, based on PHPUnit, but how can I run them on Quercus?
I'd like to debug some of the issues, but I can't find much for that matter as well. Changing logging verbosity helped to resolve some problems, but sometimes you just need debugger.
For the first run, it worked really slow (as I found out later, due to different behavior of isset() some methods, that supposed to be called once were called several thousands times) so I tried to use Yourkit as profiler. Can't say I haven't succeeded at all, but naturally, I've got profiling results for the compiled Java classes, which gave me some insights, but it would've helped more, if these calls were linked to corresponding PHP code. I believe it has something to do with .smap files, created next to the compiled classes, but how can I make use of them?