View Full Version : Quercus: Classloading and INnclude Inadequacies

02-21-2011, 12:22 PM
Hi all,

I've spent the last few days trying to get Quercus working, albeit in vain. I'm quite disappointed about two issues.

Quercus' PHP class defining behaviour deviates from that of PHP 'proper', and this is evident to anyone trying to use Kohana. There's a base class in Kohana (Kohana_Core) that makes static references to one of its own subclasses (Kohana). This works fine in regular PHP, but Quercus throws exceptions about unknown classes, I suspect that it's trying to define classes as it goes, rather than regular-PHP's approach of resolving references after having loaded the whole file and any includes.

It's also remarkably complicated to get QuercusServlet to include files only from a specific directory. I wanted to only allow Quercus to present files from WEB-INF/php/. I'm stunned that this isn't a frequent enough use case to have it as a servlet initialisation parameter. In the end I had to copy/paste a load of source code to get it working.

It's a shame because Quercus seemed like such a great idea. Too good to be true I guess, and it'd also explain why the world and his wife aren't using it.