View Full Version : Resin - 4.0.14: Updated Resin CLI

01-11-2011, 05:23 PM
As I was working on the Resin's NetBeans plug-in I started to realize that we needed to change the model we use for plugins. Previously, we packaged Resin's classes with the plugins. That presented us with number of challenges ranging from keeping the plugins in sync with the Resin's code to having to release the plugins every time we release a new version of Resin.

The solution was in introducing a level of indirection that came in the form an updated Resin CLI interface. Initially, the interface is extended with the commands required for the plugin to work. That included the deployment commands and web-application administration commands.

Deployment commands allow use of CLI to deploy, undeploy, copy and list applications deployed on Resin server. Although we may still change a thing or two in options, the basic syntax will be maintained and will allow us to have Ant, Maven, Eclipse and NetBeans plugins go into a more stable state, with less frequent releases. That means developers who use the plugins will see them break very seldom.

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