View Full Version : 4.0.9 <jvm-arg>-Dresin.home=/var/www</jvm-arg>

08-17-2010, 08:00 PM
I try to launch resin without using the "-resin-home /var/www" parameter, and it doesn't set the resin home correctly.

I have to go back to using :

java -jar /usr/local/resin/lib/resin.jar -conf /etc/resin/resin.xml -resin-home /var/www console

No biggie, I figure I report it as a bug.

08-23-2010, 07:09 PM

I think you want to set Resin root, not Resin home. Resin home is where Resin itself is installed (i.e. where the Resin jars are located). Resin root is the root of your content. Typically Resin home is /usr/local/resin or /usr/share/resin, which Resin root is /var/www. You can set it on the command line with:

java -jar lib/resin.jar -root-directory /var/www -conf /etc/resin/resin.xml start

The <jvm-arg> setting you suggested will not work for either the resin.home or or root directory -- those are settings for the JVM itself typically (e.g. heap sizes, etc.), not Resin.